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Learn to Fly a Helicopter

Learn what it takes to fly a helicopter first hand! A certified instructor takes you up in the air and teaches you the basics of flying while you control the helicopter.
  • Learn from FAA Certified Flight Instructors with over 40 years of combined experience
  • Take the controls of the most popular instruction helicopters in the world - a Robinson R-22 or R-44
  • You'll start with a brief ground instruction before taking to the sky to learn skills including straight and level flight, climbing, descending, and hovering
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlanta landscape

Have you always dreamed of taking the controls of a beautiful helicopter and soaring upward toward the sky? Now is your chance to learn the basics of how to fly a helicopter with this fun and exhilarating experience!

You'll be learning from and flying with a FAA certified flight instructor with vast experience. You'll start with a brief ground instruction covering safety and helicopter operations. Next, it's time to climb aboard and fly.

While in flight, you'll have the opportunity to try straight and level flight, climbs, turns and descents!

Be prepared to experience a feeling few in the world ever have, the sensation of manning the controls of an airborne helicopter!

FAQ Is there a height or weight restriction? Yes, the student in the R-22 helicopter must weigh less than 220 lbs. For the R-44 helicopter, individuals must be less than 275 lbs and the participants total combined weight must be less than 450 lbs. Do I need previous experience? No, this hands on lesson is designed for beginners. Is there an age requirement? There is no specific age requirement for this experience, however, the participant does need to be tall enough to reach the pedals. Can I bring a passenger? Flights in the R-22 helicopter are limited to the individual student. For flights in the R-44 helicopter, the student may bring up to 2 additional passengers as long as it they do not exceed the weight limit.. What if my flight is cancelled due to weather? We always recommend contacting your pilot on the day of your experience if you have any concerns regarding weather. In the event your flight is cancelled due to weather you can reschedule directly with your pilot.
availability Year-Round: Monday through Saturday - 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
location Gwinnett County Airport - Lawrenceville, GA
region Atlanta
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