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Learn to Fly

Feel the unforgettable thrill of taking the controls of an airplane and soaring through the Georgia skies during this Learn to Fly experience!
  • Learn with an FAA-Certified Instructor at a top-ranked flight school
  • Experience includes a 30-minute ground briefing and approximately 1 hour of flight time
  • Take the controls and practice basic maneuvers
  • Bring a friend along for the ride, pending weight restrictions
  • No experience necessary!

If you've always dreamed of flying, but were never really sure where to start... this is the perfect experience for you! Take to the skies behind the controls of a real aircraft during this approximately 1-hour introductory flight!

Your experienced instructor will meet you at the airport and give you an approximately 30-minute briefing prior to the flight. Together, you will check over the plane and review all safety procedures. For this intro flight you will be flying a Cessna 172, one of the most popular training aircrafts in the world. Before you know it, it will be time to climb into the cockpit and fire up the engine!

Your FAA-Certified Flight Instructor will handle take-off and landing, but you'll have to controls while in the air. Practice your basic flight maneuvers and soak in the amazing views during the nearly 60-minute flight. If you'd like, you can even bring a passenger along (pending weight restrictions) to share in this unforgettable experience with you!

After landing, you will have the opportunity to take some photos with your instructor and the plane. Photos will be emailed to you after the experience.

Your first flight is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so prepare for an unforgettable experience and come learn to fly!

  1. Are there any restrictions to participate?
    Participants must be at least 16 years old and 4 feet tall. The combined weight of the student and passenger cannot exceed 400 pounds with no individual weighing more than 275 pounds.
  2. Can I bring a passenger?
    Yes! You can actually bring up to two passengers for this flight, though weight restrictions usually limit the number of passengers to one individual. The combined weight of the student and passengers cannot exceed 400 pounds with no individual exceeding 275 pounds.
  3. What if my flight is cancelled due to weather?
    <span>This experience is weather dependent. In the event your flight is canceled due to inclement weather, you will reschedule directly with the experience provider. Always contact the experience provider with any questions regarding weather conditions.</span>
  4. Will I get a logbook to record my first flight?
    Logbooks are available for purchase on the day of your flight for $8.
availability Year round:
Daily - 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
location Gwinnett County Airport - Lawrenceville, GA
region Lawrenceville
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