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Gifted – Our Story

Gifted was founded by 2 combat veterans during our 1st deployment to the middle east. Gited (formally Red Bag Gifts) was born from a feeling of frustration with the online gift-giving experience.

While trying to buy meaningful gifts for our families and friends, we realized that something major was broken: online stores simply weren’t designed for shopping for someone else, let alone the rich and complex experience of choosing and buying a product as a gift for someone you care about.

What started out as a desire to overcome the core challenges of gifting, evolved into to the company we are today. Gifted is leading a paradigm shift in commerce with a unique gifting solution and technology that is already implemented by leading retailers. You can read more about Gifted in our blog.

What We Do

Based in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, and with over 3 years of R&D and experience, we are leading a revolution in the $200 billion gifting market.

Our solution and technology is already implemented and used by leading retailers. We are continuing our growth through partnering with e-commerce’s most influential retailers, platforms and solution providers to make Gifted's ultimate gifting solution ubiquitous.


Gifting Should Be A Experience

At the core of our ambition is a simple question, driven by a deep consumer insight: what motivates people to gift? What if we provided customers with “the perfect gifting experience”? How many of them will choose to switch back to more meaningful gifting?

We looked into psychology and behavioral economics and carefully crafted our solution to reflect this delicate and thoughtful gesture.

Our solution and technology is awesome.


Wouldn’t it be great, if you can easily find the gift you are looking for in minutes without having to look through dozens of site’s and stores?

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