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Ultimate Zip Line Adventure Course

Channel your adventurous spirit as you climb, leap, and zip your way through the treetops of Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve! Voted one of the "10 Best Zip Line Courses in the USA" by USA Today Exciting course offers approximately 2-3 hours of outdoor fun and exercise Course includes 5 unique sections and 41 crossings taking you higher as you go Enjoy unique aerial views of Oak Point Park What are you waiting for? Over 2,000 feet of zip-lining and obstacle course fun awaits!
FAQ Is this experience weather dependent? This experience is great in all weather conditions. Rain only adds to the fun! In the event that they do have to close the course due to lightning or extreme weather conditions, you will be able to reschedule directly with the experience provider. Will water be available on the course? Yes, water is available on the course. You may also bring your own bottle so long as it can be secured to your harness.. As this is a physical activity, you are encouraged to stay hydrated. Please be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your experience. Is there a time limit to complete the course? No! You are free to move through the course at your own pace. Please keep in mind, however, that there will be other participants out there. You are encouraged to let them "pass" if they are moving more quickly than you'd like to. Will there be storage and changing facilities available? Smaller items, such as keys and cell phones, can be kept in the experience provider's welcome cabin. You are encouraged to leave larger items and/or valuables at home or safely in your cars. There are bathrooms on site which are available for changing before or after you complete the course. What if I am afraid of heights? There is no better way to conquer your fears! Safety is of the utmost importance and you will be wearing a safety harness at all times. If you need a little help, your experienced instructors will be there to assist you through the course!. What can/should I bring with me? You may bring cameras, phones, or other devices on the course so long as they are secured to you and tucked away. Lanyards are available for purchase on site. It is not recommended that you bring a bag out onto the course with you, but if must bring one, please be sure it fits closely to your body.
availability Mid-March through May: Friday through Monday - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM June - August: Daily - 9:00 AM to Sunset September through Mid-December: Friday through Monday - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
location Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve - Plano, TX
region Dallas